She speaks with soft angelic timber of the hope she longs to give the world. Tenderly her delicate hands begin to play a melody birthed from her very own heart and mind. A spirit of anticipation fills the room as she delivers passionately written lyrics with vocal maturity far beyond her years. Her listeners are captivated by her gift, her youth, her message. In a few small moments this beautiful young girl inspires her audience to keep dreaming, keep loving, keep pressing forward. As for those defeated souls hardened by tragedy and despair, courage is found to believe again. Strength and vision are renewed. Joy replaces sadness. Peace quiets the chaos. Faith is restored as hope springs to life once more.

It doesn’t happen often but once in a while an artist comes along that is so special, so unique words fall short in describing the depth of their impact. Maria Sarah is one such artist.

A singer, songwriter, instrumentalist bursting with promise, Maria Sarah is a gleaming example of everything that is right with the world. At fourteen years old she possesses a wisdom that isn’t limited by her short time on this earth. In spite of her keen awareness of the many woes of the suffering she maintains an inner peace that spills out to everyone she meets with just one smile. Thankfully, for those who have the privilege to experience it she has chosen to bear her soul and spread the hope within her through her music.

Maria Sarah grew up in Bloomington, Indiana the youngest of three children. It was a strong hint of things to come when a routine trip to run errands turned into a concert as two-year-old Maria began belting out Shania Twain’s, “Man I Feel Like A Woman” from her booster seat. Then at four years old, she had her first chance to sing on a real stage. The only preschooler to sign up, she bravely stood in line with all the “big kids” for her school’s talent show. With no fear Maria sang her heart out for the crowd and from the first clap of applause she knew this was what she wanted.

Over the years, Maria has performed at countless fairs and festivals, popular venues and charity events. She has won too many contests to count. However, it was a songwriter’s conference at NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) in Nashville, Tennessee that changed the course of everything Maria dreamed her music could be. After attending the conference, eleven-year-old Maria became intensely focused on her writing. She wrote an inspirational song, “Sometimes”, a compelling piece reviving hope that the answers to all our questions will come…in time. The family returned to Nashville and met with music industry veteran and president of PCG Nashville, Bernard Porter. Maria Sarah auditioned for the chance to attend the highly esteemed artist development program and Porter was extremely impressed. Maria not only had the talent but her presence was overwhelming. Maria signed on to begin an intense development process and true to her character she has exceeded expectations.

“Maria Sarah is the essence of everything we look for in an artist. She enters the room and you know you’re in the presence of greatness. Her dedication to excellence is unwavering. It is truly an honor to have such an extraordinarily talented artist on our roster. It is time for the world to experience Maria Sarah,” states Porter.

Maria’s progress at PCG Nashville has propelled her to new heights as an artist helping her create a path that is solely hers. She has recorded a self-titled pop album of her original songs with Grammy nominated producer, Roger Ryan. “Maria Sarah is a gifted artist with unique ability. It’s awesome and humbling to work with her. She has that special “something”. Maria will be around for a long time. Look out world!” says Ryan.

In many ways Maria Sarah is just like any other fourteen-year-old girl. She loves hanging out with her friends, keeping up with the latest fashion trend and of course, the boys are certainly starting to pay attention. She is very close to her family, and her family supports her. Her greatest wish of all is to make them proud of her. She is very active in 4-H and enjoys her projects in science, weather, aerospace, crafts, forestry and cooking. Her face lights up like the sun in the presence of animals and she hopes to one day be able to use her influence to help The Humane Society. She would also like to be a voice for The Red Cross. She is a dedicated student certainly capable of following in her parent’s footsteps. She is enrolled in the gifted program at her school and supplements her studies with high school math. In spite of a very busy schedule, she maintains a 4.0 average. Her studies and music, along with her strong faith and the loving support of family and friends have woven together beautifully to create a perfectly balanced young lady of rare form complete with infectious giggles and an endless supply of lip-gloss.

Her songs are written with incomprehensible depth and poetry. The voice pouring from her beautiful, petite frame is an unexpected surprise both powerful and gentle, sweet but commanding. She embraces her instrument and plays with skill honed from years of dedicated practice. She is blessed with that unexplainable “something” that no teacher could ever teach, no amount of rehearsing could ever produce. It’s that indefinable magic that only a chosen few possess and the fortunate have the opportunity to witness.

From the backseat of her family car, fairs, festivals and Nashville writer’s nights to the stage at Rockefeller Center in New York City, Maria Sarah has accomplished many great achievements. Though no one can predict what lies ahead, Maria Sarah is excited to step into what is sure to be a tremendous future.

As she takes her place with humble confidence, we are suspended on the edge of promise. In the heart of this vessel lies hope for the future, anticipation of a brighter tomorrow, a treasure waiting to be shared.

Her name is Maria Sarah…changing the world, one song at a time.

Much Love,